Senator Tom Coburn thinks the government is wasting too much money and he's probably right. Coburn's latest anti-wasteful spending move is a proposed "Let Me Google That For You" bill, which would do pretty much exactly what its name suggests.

The bill, devised by a bipartisan group, aims to eliminate the National Technology Information Service's practice of charging for technical information and reports that can be found for free on the Internet. According to the Government Accountability Office, "Of the reports added to NTIS’s repository during fiscal years 1990 through 2011…approximately 74 percent were readily available from other public sources.”

"Voters send us to Washington to write effective legislation and make sure the federal government is operating in a responsible manner,” said Congressman Henry Cuellar in an official statement. “That a government agency is selling free reports to another part of the government and the general public is a prime example of federal overreach and inefficiency.  The Let Me Google That For You Act is an excellent step towards streamlining the way the government works and keeping Washington accountable.”

It's difficult to argue with that sentiment.

[via The Verge]