A San Diego woman who was so upset that someone outbid her on her "dream home" tried to exact revenge, putting a string of over the top pranks in motion, with the most extreme being encouraging men to rape the other woman who purchased the home

Kathy Rowe couldn't handle the thought of another family in the Carmel Valley home, so she allegedly resorted to literal juvenile stunts like positing announcements online for a New Year's Eve party for high schoolers and a free fireworks giveaway at the home. A complaint filed against Rowe also claims that she listed the home for sale and sent Valentine's Day cards to other women in the neighborhood using the woman's husband's name. 

Her most disgusting alleged act is, without question, creating another online ad pretending to be the home owner and inviting men to rape her. This actually elicited two responses, including one man who visited the home. 

Prosecutors would not accept Rowe's attorney's argument that the woman was simply joking around, and ultimately charged her with a litany of crimes including soliciting forcible rape and forcible sodomy. She might be relocating to a new residence soon enough: Jail.

[via Gawker and NBC San Diego]