Josh Hartnett recently had some interesting thing to say about all the superhero movies we've seen:

He could have been in, well, all of them.

In an interview with Details about his new movie Penny Dreadful, Hartnett said that he turned down the title role in Superman Returns (Brandon Routh says: good move), as well as other opportunities to play comic book heroes such as Batman and Spiderman (Christian Bale, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield say: thanks).

As for the reasoning, Hartnett said that “I somehow knew those roles had potential to define me, and I didn't want that,” which actually does make some sense. But come on, Wicker Park?

In any event, he’s moved on and at 35 years old has likely left his potential superhero days behind him. This new era continues with Penny Dreadful, which opens on May 11.

[via IndieWire]