The final season of Mad Men premieres tonight, and the internet is already filled with theories about how Don Draper's story will end. Redemption? Suicide? Creator Matt Weiner isn't telling, but star Jon Hamm did reveal his wish for the tragic anti-hero.

"I've always said, I really just want him to find peace," Hamm said at the premiere. It doesn't sound like too crazy a wish, but we know it will be difficult for Don to get there. "But the good thing about being down, down, down, is there's only one way to go," he said. Does this mean Don won't kill himself?

Jessica Paré said she wants Don and her character Megan to be super happy and normal, but she also admitted that that would be the worst and Mad Men would be the most boring show ever. Tune in tonight at 10 p.m. ET on AMC and watch everyone most likely be totally miserable.

[via E!]