James Franco has a new play out in NYC, based on the classic book Of Mice and Men. While he was outside the theatre signing autographs recently, one young girl recorded video of him. He noticed, and told her to "tag me." He's since deleted the video, but here's a screengrab:

Evidently, 35-year-old Franco (or a very good Franco impersonator), was feeling pretty good about himself, and once the girl tagged him, he started DMing her, asking if they could hook up and "rent a room." She told him she was 17, but that didn't stop Franco, who got her number and started texting her, even sending her pictures to prove it was him.

Well, she posted the evidence to the Internet, and put Franco on blast. 

The most recent update is that he tweeted this:

Oh, and she didn't end up sleeping with Franco (or the lookalike.)

UPDATE: There's the chance that this is all just a hoax to promote Franco's new movie, Palo Alto, in which he plays a high school sports coach who creeps on a young student. But Franco went on Live With Kelly and Michael to address the situation.

[via Daily Dot]