In life, there are moments that need to remain personal. And we don't mean "personal" in the sense that you share it with everyone on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at your own discretion. In this regard, "personal" means that the moment remains an unknown to most; it's something that only you and the people around you need to be aware of when it occurs. Essentially, what we're getting at here is that you don't need to live-tweet these moments. You don't need to provide a detailed account of their every nuance and particular. 

This isn't to say that live-tweeting is a bad thing. Obviously, we've been given some hilarious or even informative moments from social media as a result of live-tweeting. However, not everything can be turned into an essential news report or a viral comedy via Twitter. Certain things are just immune to the power of broadcasting. Take, for instance, a break-up with your significant other, or a funeral you're attending. Things like these cannot be shared with the world in good conscience. Interested to know more? Click through to read about all the times when you're better off without Twitter.