A new labor agreement in France makes sending work-related emails past 6 p.m. illegal. Though a 35-hour workweek has been the law since 1999, the new agreement, set out between unions and employer's federations, combats the growing trend of keeping workers tethered to their smartphones around the clock.

The French have always had some of the most progressive labor laws in the world, but this truly takes things to another level. It's hard to imagine a stockbroker or lawyer putting down their Blackberry (do they still use those anymore?) as soon as they leave the office. That said, if this law is actually enforced, life across the pond will look even more appealing compared to America's nonstop grinding. Who cares about productivity when you can drink Chablis in a café without your boss breathing down your neck? Frankly, it sounds très awesome.

[via The Guardian]

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