Gavin McInnes of How to Fight a Baby fame recently teamed up with VansOffTheWall.TV to create a video series entitled How to Do Everything in the World. You may find yourself saying, “That’s a lot to cover,” but never fear, because the self-proclaimed "Godfather of Hipsterdom" and creative director at Rooster has brought you the only five guides you will ever need to make it through life as we know it. In the third video, featured above, Gavin teaches us all how to meet women. In an exclusive interview, we spoke with the comedian to find out more about losing his mojo after marriage, and if there is any hope when we find ourselves friend-zoned.

Interview by Rob Gearity (@Grobbington)

Why this How-To?
We live in a real Beta male culture these days where guys just do whatever women tell them. It’s like when women say 'I like a guy who’s funny and gentle and cries' it just sounds cool. They don’t really want that guy. This video was a way to tell young men that they kind of have to get traditional and not go the wimp route.

Is this your personalized version of the pick-up artist, or more of a personal journey to make sure you’ve still got some mojo left?
My game since I got married is just brutal, because I’ve been out of the game for so long. So, all of this was done from memory from back when I had something going on. Now, even when I try to flirt, it’s just pathetic. Yeah, I mean, my mojo is dead. After you get married it’s a totally different world.

Was there any point in the video that was difficult to freeze resulting in some great outtakes?
Those all worked out great. It’s fun freezing. The funny part about it is if someone screws up and laughs or something, we would have kept that 'cause that would have been good too. That’s the problem with explaining videos, you need to have some time to stop the tape and narrate.

Why the farting bit as the last tip?
I always include farts somewhere in everything I do. They have been delivering laughs since the cave days. The points were getting too tippy and too informative and it was losing its humor. Ya know, I once heard a standup comedian say that he doesn’t like seeing couples on first dates because he’s just watching two people trying to hold in their farts. So I thought if you had a time machine that would be the moment to stop and just let a doozy out.

Complex will continue getting the inside story on each of Gavin’s insanely accurate and funny life guides, including How to Drink in a Bar and How to Fight. Make sure to check back for exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage, photos and, of course, more interviews with the originator himself.