There were plenty of How I Met Your Mother fans that weren't all that pleased with how the show ended, but before we get into that, take note: THERE WILL OBVIOUSLY BE SPOILERS FROM HERE DOWN. Don't kid yourself, you read the headline, right?

Now: The HIMYM ending. So as most of us know now, when Ted Mosby ends the show/longest talk ever with his kids, it's revealed that the mother actually passed away six years prior to the beginning of the show, and Ted has been a single dad since. When his daughter urges him to go to Robin, who he's clearly in love with, he ends up outside of Robin's apartment holding the same blue french horn he stole for her from the pilot episode. Fans, of course, freaked, because the title of the show is How I Met Your Mother, and not How I Met Your Aunt Robin. In an interview with Vulture, Josh Radner said that was really the plan the entire time (and it had to be, considering the scene when the kids tell him to go get after Robin was filmed in 2005 when the show began production.)

One fan's distaste with the finale went so far, though, that he did the dirty work of snipping off some extra fat to make the finale better for most fans. Does this one work for you?

[via Uproxx]