UPDATE: A CBS spokesperson spoke with Vulture today and said: “There are no discussions with Chelsea Handler regarding the network’s 12:30 late night broadcast. Her meeting with CBS yesterday was a general meeting with our syndication [division.]”

Make of that what you will. The timing seems right for her to pick up the hosting gig, but CBS has a lot more in its programming than talk shows. 

ORIGINAL POST: April has been packed with late night talk show news, and the newest arrival involves Chelsea Handler. On Monday night Handler posted a photo of herself holding papers with the CBS logo on Instagram. The caption on the photo: "Business meeting," followed with some words about her dog.

Before it was announced that Stephen Colbert was the heir to the Late Show throne, there was a great deal of speculation that Handler was in the running for the gig. Now, it looks like Handler could take over Craig Ferguson's post as the host of the Late Late Show. Handler plans to leave E! when her contract is up at the end of the year, so it looks like she's exploring her next move.

Ferguson has followed Letterman since 2005, and will be getting a hefty check to soften the blow of being passed up as a successor.  From the looks of things, CBS is moving in an entirely new direction for late night come 2015, which is coincidentally when Ferguson's contract at CBS ends as well.

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