The new Captain America: The Winter Soldier is kind of amazing.

The film not only adds yet another layer to the cinematic universe being constructed by Marvel, but does a damn near perfect job of translating the Ed Brubaker authored Winter Soldier story from the comics.

Sadly, the only video game tie-in we get is the Gameloft published mobile title, which is mediocre at best, but thanks to the new film, we've got a nearly universal blanket meme.

Throughout The Winter Soldier, the impressively incompetent legion of expendable villains scream "HAIL HYDRA!!" right before getting their teeth kicked in. That or perishing in some overly-complicated plan to kill Captain America.

At one point in the film (no spoilers) one character leans over and whispers the phrase to another character.

And, thus, a perfect meme was born. Enjoy.

[via Uproxx]