Despite whatever feelings you may have about Ground Zeroes' lack of meaty narrative grist, players of the MGSV prologue chapter are evidently coming out in droves. Following an announcement via the KojiPro's video podcast earlier this week saying Ground Zeroes' online community have played the game a cumulative total of 504 years (!), Konami announced yesterday that the game had shipped over one million copies worldwide – not accounting for digital sales of the game.

As a token of thanks, Kojima and co. are making the previously console-exclusive extra ops missions "Deja Vu" and "Jamais Vu" (starring MGS1-era 32-bit Snake and Revengeance-styled Raiden, respectively) available on both PlayStation and Xbox One platforms via a (free) update May 1. (Deja Vu's goofy homage to the original MGS was originally only available for PS platforms, with Raiden's Snatcher-hunting mission as an Xbox exclusive).

Assuming the funds for Ground Zeroes are going to help KojiPro finish The Phantom Pain, this is good news indeed. It's also good news for fans that didn't want to pay more or were left out with one mission or the other depending on their platform of choice, particularly since Ground Zeroes is unlikely to receive any additional DLC.

[Via Konami]