Grand Theft Auto V developer Rockstar revealed the upcoming new features coming to the GTA Online this spring, which include the much-hyped multiplayer Heists.

Starting next week Rockstar will roll out the Capture Creator, an update that will allow players to design their own Capture Jobs, similar to player created Deathmatches and Races that are already available.

The next block on content will be the High Life Update which will unlock the ability to own multiple properties and include new high-end apartments as well as three new cars, a new bike, jobs, rifle and wardrobe items. The update will also include “Mental State” player statistics that will let players see "how passive or psychotically unhinged fellow players in your session really are.”

Multiplayer Heists have been teased since before the game's release in September of 2013, but Rockstar says they are coming this spring but at an as yet to be announced time. Heists will let player's create the complicated rip-offs for themselves and their friends to execute.

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