A Brooklyn man with a divine name is suing a credit reporting agency for saying he doesn't have any financial history. Apparently, their system refuses to accept the man's first name: God

According to the New York Post, God Gazarov, 26, claims that Equifax refuses to fix the issue despite two years of discussion about the matter. Gazarov has credit scores exceeding 720 with both Experian and TransUnion, but the discrepancy with Equifax stopped him from buying a coveted Infiniti in 2013.

"I worked hard to get good credit to look good to lenders and this happens," Gazarov told the Post, adding that the experience is "extremely frustrating." 

Gazarov, who owns a jewelry store in Brighton Beach, even said a customer service rep for Equifax had the audacity to tell him changing his name might resolve the problem. Left with few other options (he was named after his grandfather, why would he change his name?), Gazarov filed a lawsuit against the company in Brooklyn federal court today. 

God has issues just as the common man does, although this situation is far from common.

[via New York Post]