Unfortunately, FX's star-studded Fargo TV series did not have quiet the ratings that series actually deserves (which is a lot): According to EW, the premiere of Fargo only pulled in 4.2 million viewers, and, to put that in even lamer terms: Only 1.8 million of those viewers were adults between the ages of 18-49, advertisers' most coveted demographic. And yes—this includes the two encore telecasts that aired after the premiere.

What could the reasoning be for such unimpressive numbers? Hopefully, the series just needs time to be promoted by word-of-mouth, because, both plot-wise and acting-wise, it really is quite good. 

Of course, as EW points out, these lukewarm ratings do not spell doom for the show. The Americans just received a third season pick-up earlier today, and, when that show premiered last year, it only pulled in 4.7 million viewers—just above Fargo's premiere ratings. On cable, sometimes quality does rule over quantity of viewers!

Fargo airs on Tuesdays at 10 on FX. If you missed the premiere, you still have a chance to watch—the network will be reairing it tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday night. So, don't make plans!

[via EW]