A Houston teacher has been arrested and charged for giving a student a lap dance—in the classroom—on his 15th birthday. 

The Smoking Gun reports that 42-year-old Felicia Smith admitted to dancing for the boy at Stovall Middle School on Feb. 26. She told police that the class egged her on to perform the four-minute dance routine, while other students told the boy to sit down in a chair and began playing music. 

According to the New York Daily News, the spectacle included Smith "[rubbing] her hands on his body, [fondling] him and [grinding]" against the boy, even placing her head between his legs at one point. The teen reportedly admitted to slapping Smith's butt during the performance, and records say she capped it off by hugging him and saying "I love you, baby. Happy Birthday" 

Smith was arrested on Thursday and charged with an improper relationship with a student. She posted her $30,000 bond the same day and will remain free until her May 22 court appearance.

[via The Smoking Gun and New York Daily News

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