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Warning: you’re about to see some rather high-intensity fighting. And, yes, you might want to start kicking and punching in your seat, as a result. But the almighty RZA has an important heads-up for you:

“Don’t try this at home!”

For that sage piece of advice and more from the Wu-Tang master, check out the video above, in which RZA introduces an exclusive clip from his new movie, Brick Mansions. Set in Detroit, it’s a supercharged action flick, as well as a remake of the 2004 French movie District 13, about an undercover cop (the late Paul Walker) who reluctantly teams up with an ex-convict (David Belle) to take down a crime kingpin (RZA). To do so, they’ll have to whoop tons of ass, but not in the traditional ways—nope, in Brick Mansions, the fights are all Parkour style, giving the film a specific kind of edge.

The clip above provides a sampling of that Parkour combat, showing Walker, in one of his final film roles, and Belle not exactly seeing eye to eye on a rooftop.

If you’re ready for more where that came from, Brick Mansions will open in theaters nationwide on April 25. Just keep RZA’s pro tip in the back of your mind at all times.

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