The return of Mad Men isn't the only thing causing us to stare into the bleak maw of our own mortality this afternoon. New Yorkers collectively freaked out today when a tweet by Alanna Okun brought their attention to a modern-day picture of famed NYC subway personality Dr. Zizmor. (For those non-NYC readers, Zizmor's kitschy, rainbow-strewn subway ads have been a staple on New York's MTA for more than three decades.) Considering that Dr. Z's ads have charmed for so long largely because of their goofily-retro look, it makes sense that he hasn't bothered to update his head shot since... the '70s? Still, seeing a beloved public figure whose whole career is based on making "skin tight without surgery" ravaged by time isn't the most pleasant experience. I just hope poor Isabel R. has fared better. 

[via Gothamist]

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