Doom fans eager to get their hands on the upcoming beta access including with Wolfenstein reboot The New Order may be interested to know that the whatever form the pre-released bonus for id's most famous FPS series will only be playable on next-gen platforms and PC. Bethesda confirmed the news earlier this week, stating that any players pre-ordering a boxed copy of Wolfenstein on PS3 or Xbox 360 will receive a code for the PS4 or Xbox One version, respectively.

Bethesda also stressed that if you pre-ordered Wolfenstein digitally you'll still have access to the beta, which players will be able to access at a later date. While the company has yet to actually officially announce the next Doom in any capacity – previous iterations of the game reportedly went through some quality control issues before the project seeming ground to a halt in development hell – the beta is definitely coming, so chances are it won't be too long before we hear something more about this next Doom, whatever it may be. Whether or not it's exclusively next-gen or if id just didn't want to bother with the resources for a cross-gen beta remains to be seen.

Wolfenstein releases next month, while the Doom beta is scheduled to take place sometime later this year.

[Via Videogamer