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It's been a long time, yeah? When we last brought you Desus and Mero, Lil Terrio was going morbidly obese, Papoose was crushing Jay Z, every rapper was biting Migos, white people were displaying #caucacity, Lord Jamar was ranting against gays, and cats were getting duffed out on WorldStar

Oh wait...all of that's still happening. So where have we been since the last episode? Only transforming the internationally acclaimed #desusvsmero podcast into the must-see Internet TV blockbuster you see above. The #knowledgedarts and #rns you already love are now fortified with incredible visuals to further flood your brain with educated ignorance every week. (And finally: Desus' face revealed.)

Podcast-philes need not worry: While a new TV episode of DvM will drop every Friday morning, the extended (raw, uncut) audio version will drop the following Tuesday on iTunes and Stitcher. Best of both worlds, word to Tah Tah's can of mace.

Rejoice—season two of #desusvsmero begins here on Complex TV. Watch, listen (on Tuesday), and stay woke.