We know what your first reaction will be another Hollywood horror movie about exorcisms: “Nope." And who can blame you? Sullied by laughably bad duds like The Devil Inside and The Last Exorcism Part II, the subgenre responsible for greatness like The Exorcist has become little more than a truck-stop DVD bargain bin.

But hear us out—Deliver Us From Evil looks really good! And creepy. And several cuts above Hollywood’s most recent exorcist flicks.

For one, as you’ll see in the new international trailer, things are actually going to happen—instead of slow-burning builds into one big, ultimately blah demonic blowout in the third act, this one seems replete with action, unsettling imagery, and dread. So. Much. Dread.

Deliver Us From Evil stars Eric Bana as real-life NYC cop Ralph Sarchie, a non-believer who joins forces with a rule-breaking, maverick priest (Edgar Ramirez) to investigate what looks like a series of crazy, ultra-demonic happenings around Manhattan. Olivia Munn’s on-board, too, playing Bana’s wife and trying out a potentially distracting New York accent. You’ll also notice Joel McHale, playing one of Bana’s law enforcement colleagues, hopefully not for too much comedic relief. Films like this work better when played mostly, if not entirely, straight.

The biggest positive for Deliver Us From Evil is its director, Scott Derrickson. In addition to making the best and most slept-on recent Hollywood film of this kind, The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005), Derrickson directed the first-rate 2012 horror gem Sinister, home to those exceptionally disturbing Super 8 snuff films and an A+ sound design. If anyone can pull the exorcism sub-genre out from its abyss of mediocrity, it’s the filmmaker responsible for these never-sleep-again visuals:


Yeah, you should totally be anticipating Deliver Us From Evil, which will open theatrically nationwide on July 2.

[GIFS via Tumblr, Have You Seen Him]

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