Daylight, the procedurally generated, survival horror game for PlayStation 4 and PC has been slightly delayed until April 29.

Daylight was developed in a completely different way because of its procedural generation according to publisher Atlus, “In a lot of ways it really helped the team by streamlining the environment creation, but it’s taken extra time to make sure all the scare cues are properly implemented for maximum player effect.” So developers need a little more time to make the game even more randomly scary.

Daylight's developer promises replays will never be the same. If random scares with only a cellphone light to guide you doesn't perk your interest, the developer has integrated Twitch chat. The feature allows for Twitch viewers to type in a term such as “meow” and the game will react in undoubtedly creepy ways. The streaming option will be timed to prevent spamming and players will have to experiment to discover the full list of keywords themselves.

Daylight drops for PlayStation 4 on April 29, for 11.99 but PlayStation Plus and PC pre-orders can grab it for 9.99.

Here's a story preview from the developer:

1700 – 1859
Skipping back nearly two hundred years, we get to the initial founding of Mid Island Hospital. As colonial America began to flourish, so too did rampant Tuberculosis. Between the ravages of the disease and the various wars with the French, Native Americans, and eventually British, Mid Island Hospital tended to several generations of death. Corpse disposal was haphazard at best, and was accomplished by any means. As America turned on itself in the Civil War, Mid Island Hospital retreats to obscurity until the early 1900s.

Some Ignominious Time in the Late 1600s
The puritanical theocracy of the fledgling village of New Kipling held trials in the wake of several unexplained murders and disappearances around the township. The ruling clergy passed judgment on a group of women, citing them for religious crimes, Satanism, and other grievous offenses. Condemned to hell and denied any last rites, the women were summarily executed and buried unceremoniously on nearby Mid Island. The furor of religious persecution left New Kipling and rippled out to other coastal townships, including Plymouth, Boston and Salem. The unmarked graves went forgotten until the founding of Mid Island Hospital…

The Final Area
The last area to talk about in Daylight is the craziest one of all. Clearing the forest area gives way to…the hospital? But there’s something different about it. The halls are no longer decrepit; there’s no trash, no graffiti, no empty beds in the halls. The hospital looks new. It looks brand new. Like…when it was first built. What the hell is going on here? You’ll have to find out for yourself…

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