Have you ever wanted to beef as well as Azealia Banks or Rihanna? Sorry, that kind of digital swagger is something you’re born with. But, if you want to join the ranks of the best Twitter beefers, there are some things you can work on. Starting a Twitter beef is all about landing the hardest punch with what looks like the least effort. When you read the best Twitter beefer's attacks, it feels like they just savaged their opponent while waiting in line at the bank or stopped at a red light. How do they make it look so easy? How do some Twitter users fire over a dozen @ replies and still look like they’re the reasonable ones in the argument? It turns out there are a number of tricks you can use to make your obsessively crafted tweets looks charmingly tossed off; there are also ways to make the person you're beefing with look even more irrational than you. We can’t promise that we can coach you up to RiRi levels, but at least after you take our advice, we promise you’ll have better Twitter game than Chris Brown. This is the Complex's Guide to Starting (And Winning) a Twitter Beef.