The Breaking Bad finale (spoiler alert?) ended with Jesse Pinkman riding off into the night, Hank Schrader buried six feet deep in the desert, and Walter White bleeding to death in a meth lab. There was a little happiness, and some death, and pretty much every loose end was tied up. We still don't know what the hell happened to Huell, but the ending was more or less very satisfying. It may have been different, though. In honor of the upcoming Better Call Saul spin-off, series creator Vince Gilligan spoke to Entertainment Weekly and revealed that this wasn't always the case: At one point, apparently, "absolute bloodbath" was considered for the finale. The writers even thought about killing off every single main character. 

"But the more we talked about it, the more we thought, 'You know, we don’t necessarily want the end of this series to be a bloodbath,'" Gilligan said.

They also considered having Walt shoot up a prison with the M60 machine gun used in the finale. You may remember the scene of Walt purchasing a huge machine gun in the first episode of the final season—that was really written sixteen episodes before the ending, and, at the time, there was no clear vision of how it would be used. "We had an idea for the longest time that Walt was going to break into the downtown jail in Albuquerque and just shoot the shit out of the jail with this M60 machine gun and rescue Jesse," Gilligan said. But, they opted to leave Walt with at least a semblance of sanity. 

That's something to wrap you're head around. But, for real, is Huell okay?

[via Vulture]