The case of a 16-year-old girl being brutally raped by high school football players in Steubenville, Ohio—the case which made national news—is about to get the filn treatment. According to Indiewire, Brad Pitt's production company Plan B will adapt a Rolling Stone article written by David Kushner about the case and Internet vigilante group Anonymous' involvement in bringing the details to light, titled "Anonymous Vs. Steubenville."

If you're not familiar with the case: Anonymous was instrumental in drawing national attention to it two years ago when it became apparent that the community was attempting to cover up the actions of the rapists because they were football players.

The film will apparently center around, Deric Lostutter, an Anonymous hacker who helped bring the crimes to light and exposed the cover up, and who currently faces ten years in prison. As Cosmopolitan reports:

Rolling Stone's article covered the efforts of online "vigilantes" to expose the true story, focusing in particular on Deric Lostutter, a member of the Anonymous hacking collective. Lostutter unearthed and publicized many heinous social media updates from the night of the rape and led the "Occupy Steubenville" protest movement. His work "not only brought charges to the rapists, but directly indicted the high school superintendent, the elementary school principal and two high school coaches" . The nature of his hacking, however, also saw the FBI involved — and he now faces a prison sentence for cybercrimes longer than both the Steubenville rapists combined.

The film will also speek to expose how cases like this are dealt with in the U.S. justice system.

[via Indiewire]