Yoga can be relaxing, but you should never be so relaxed that you're comfortable masturbating in public while doing. Or throwing dead animals at cars.

The Smoking Gun reports that 68-year-old Bill Kachle of D.C. was arrested on March 27 after he was seen masturbating during a yoga session on the Mount Vernon Trail in Virginia. United States Park Police Jared Tyng responded to a report of a disturbance along the trail: Two women allegedly saw Kachle "waving his arms and shouting odd statements" in the midst of doing yoga. He then inexplicably began masturbating in front of them.

This wasn't the extent of his odd behavior, either: he also picked up a dead animal and hurled it at a passing car on the George Washington Memorial Parkway, only to return to trail and resume masturbating while pointing at both women. 

Kachle was charged with obscene acts and disorderly conduct.

[via The Smoking Gun]