Straight after debuting Below's new trailer from Pax East details have begun to trickle out from the show (where the game is playable). In an interview with Polaris, Capy head Nathan Vella has some interesting things to say about the new crawling adventure – first, that zoomed-out long-shot sense of scale shown off in the trailers is deliberate, as the sequentially-paced game is meant to feel overwhelming with your wanderer basically a speck against the massive environments of the depths.

When you die, a new wanderer comes to the island to take their place, meaning you have to start the procedurally-generated exploration over. Aesthetics are a big part of the whole experience, too. 

"If you manage to survive long enough and notice little bread crumbs, maybe start listening to sounds and following sounds or maybe start noticing light and following different light patterns, you might end up finding your way to some of the bigger, larger story areas or areas that'll teach you some of the lore of the island – the lore of your quest, even, because we don't really even tell you what you're actually doing," he said in the interview.

There are other details about the game's hardcore balance of opaque expedition and assumedly challenging combat, but Below is still shrouded largely in mystery. That said, it sounds pretty promising. It'll be out later this year.

[Via Polaris]