Fans of the show have favorite sketches and characters, whether it’s Kel Mitchell’s Repair Man man man man or Katrina Johnson’s Ross Perot parody. Cast members and a few musical guests have their favorites, too.

Marques Houston: I loved Amanda’s "Ask Ashley" and when Kenan would do his Pierre Escargot. And of course, the "Good Burger" characters with Kel. I was actually in the movie Good Burger, but that whole skit with Kenan and Kel was really funny.

Knowings: I definitely have my favorites for people. How I loved Kel's Coach Kreeton. [Laughs.] I loved Miss Piddlin and Principal William Baines Pimpell for Kenan. For Josh, I loved Detective Dan. Even for Danny, I loved his Fat Cop. For Lori Beth, I always loved her Miss Fingerly.

Denberg: I thought Superdude was always really funny, especially when the rest of the cast would jump in and play supervillains. It’s been really cool seeing Kenan on SNL. Whenever I watch it, and his credits come up, I clap. It really highlights how great he is.

But my most beloved cast member was the big ear of corn. It was built for one gag, but I pushed the writers to use it. That’s how it became a character on the show. Everyone knew that I loved it, so we did a sketch where the big ear of corn and I had a big fight. We weren’t talking to each other, and then Amanda came in like, “You guys are really good friends! Look at all the stuff you did together!”

Chilli: Everything Lori Beth did was hilarious. Sometimes I was like, “Is she a grown woman?” Like it was weird how the hair and makeup and all that kind of stuff changed her, but she was really funny to me.

Reyes: I loved Lori Beth in "Vital Information." I loved annoying the shit out of her during the skit. I really think that she was really annoyed with me. I was like, "I love you, I love you, you know you love me," and she was just like, "Oh my God, shut up." [Laughs.]

Server: Lori Beth always killed "Vital Information." People don't understand how hard that was to make that funny week in and week out, and she always crushed it. And Amanda doing "Ask Ashley" was always funny. For Kenan, I loved Principal Pimpell.

Tamberelli: Anytime Kenan did Superdude was pretty awesome. Or Randy. I was happy that we got Fat Cop and Randy together in a skit once. We just destroyed the set. Stuff that wasn’t breakaway we were breaking. There was chocolate everyone. We were slipping and falling. Just breaking shit.

T-Boz: Kenan and Kel were so funny! To this day, if they're in a movie or anything, I will watch it because of All That. I made my daughter watch Good Burger. All the old stuff that I used to like, she watches it, too.

Frierson: When Kenan and Nick Cannon played those ghetto girls with the long nails and the weaves [for "The Inconvenience Store" sketch], that shit was the best. That is how you know they had some type of input because you can’t just spring that up on somebody. They had these characters in their heads and they were just bouncing off of each other.

Mitchell: I liked Kenan's Superdude. I liked Lori Beth's "Vital Information." She was just a genius with that. Amanda's "Ask Ashley" was very funny as well. And Josh's Detective Dan was pretty funny. He'd do some crazy stuff in there.

Saul: I genuinely loved Coach Kreeton, especially the stuff he would improvise. There was something about how Kel did it that I could imagine everyone thinking it’s hilarious, not just the kids it was intended for.

Thompson: Kel had so many: Repair Man, the Good Burger guy, Clavis—a whole arsenal of different characters that were pretty great. As far as Josh goes, we'd always give him crap about Ear Boy. And then Lori Beth with Loud Librarian, Amanda with "Ask Ashley." Those were good times.