A pet wallaby has been on the loose from a Westchester County home for the past three weeks, according to NBC New York.

The small marsupial, dubbed "Indy" by its owners, escaped from his North Salem abode and has failed to be recaptured. According to the family, the animal used to spend time in an outdoor pen when he wasn't seated on the couch munching sweet potatoes and lettuce. 

Though there have reportedly been some sitings of the animal hopping around town, there hasn't been a confirmation that said animal was, in fact, Indy. (How many wallabies can possibly be running around North Salem, though?) NBC didn't mention why the family was keeping an Australian bush animal as a pet, but hopefully the little guy is back chilling on the sofa soon enough. 

If you see something, say something. But keep in mind that he could be in disguise. 

[via NBC New York]

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