A 9-month-old boy was among the 30 people accused of trying to stone Pakistani police to death and steal gas. 

Muhammad Mosa Khan was part of a group charged on Feb. 1 for attacking police and employees at a gas company. Khan, or "Musa," as he's known, appeared in court this week and was granted bail while seated on his grandfather's lap. 

So how did a child who, at this point in his life, is clearly more comfortable holding a bottle than a stone, get caught up in a life of crime? Easy: He didn't.

According to the boy's father, police filed bogus charges against the two of them and others, who were arrested during raids in Muslim Town, Lahore. Musa's father, Ahmed, said the only thing he's guilty of is participating in a protest. 

"Our crime is that we had protested against non-availability of electricity in our locality," he explained to the Times of India

Musa will make his next court appearance on Apr. 12, which, the more you think about it, is absolutely ridiculous.

[via Gawker and Times of India]

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