Teen dramas would be a lot shorter if the characters just came out and shared their feelings.

Every teen drama involves numerous crushes that don't leave journal pages for several seasons. Often, the characters have never even spoken to the person they've loved "since middle school" at the beginning of the pilot. Middle school was several years ago, and, as of the pilot, they still haven't found the strength to ask the object of their affection to the dance or even to the round-the-clock diner that's the only place anyone ever eats on the show? Unbelievable. 

If any current high schoolers are reading this, take our advice: just talk to your crush. If you're going to be rejected, you might as well get it over with so that you can start obsessing over someone else. If he or she actually likes you, then you should start making the terrible decisions that will lead to the end of the relationship as soon as possible.