No matter how obscure your interests, you can find like-minded individuals on the Internet. Everyone from collectors of rare lunchboxes to avant-garde dog groomers can find their people online. Of course, this isn't always good thing. Perhaps the Internet would be a slightly better place if some groups of people didn't find each other. 

In one corner of the Internet, we have people fuming over "facts" about our President that not only aren't true, but have the real-life plausibility of the Harry Potter series. Elsewhere online, there are thousands of tweeters and Facebookers who believe they are one hashtag or selfie away from profoundly changing the world. And there are those people who won't shut up about Bitcoin or acai berries. Yes, for all of the potential of the Internet, it can be a pretty depressing place. There's no way to rid the Internet of groups created by misplaced anger and misinformation; the Internet runs on misplaced anger and misinformation. But that doesn't mean we can't dream. Though we know they won't, here are 15 Internet Movements That Should Just Stop.