Chances are you or a friend had a Game Boy camera you messed around with, taking dumb pixelated black-and-white photos. You might have even had a printer so you could print them out and then find them between the couch cushions ten years later.

The Super Game Boy accessory was another common one—you plugged it into your Super Nintendo and played Game Boy games on the 15-inch "big screen" TV in your living room.

And everyone who owned a Game Boy needed some light and/or magnification accessories—not to mention whatever you used to carry your games around, extra battery packs—the works.

Bet you didn't have any of these oddball Game Boy accessories, though. They cover everything you could possibly want to do with the Nintendo handheld—from fishing to medical sedation. Click through for all the Game Boy accessories you wish you'd had as a kid (and some you might want even more today).

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