Microsoft is adjusting its reputation system on the Xbox One by introducing notifications for players who are being penalized for “disruptive” or “abusive” behavior online.

All Xbox One users have a reputation that spans from “Good” to “Needs Work” to “Avoid Me.” The ratings are based on whether other players have reported them for bad behavior. Spend more time online without getting reported and your reputation will climb.

In the past players were not notified if they were being reported, now that has changed. Starting this week Xbox will send warnings to users how have their ratings decline. If jerk players fail to turn it around they could end up in an “Avoid Me” zone with lots of other jerks and few matchmaking potentials. Microsoft also says it's possible to take away other abilities, such has shutting down a user's Twitch livestream.

However Microsoft realizes that it takes time to determine reputation and thus won't penalize a player for negative reports over weeks but over months. As well as taking into account sore losers and players givings others grief (the aptly named “griefers”).

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[via Xbox Newswire]