Year released: 2009
Developer: Slightly Mad Studios


As popular as the Need For Speed series has been over the years, it's had its fair share of hits and misses. Following a string of sub-par titles in the late 2000's, EA got back on track with the release of Need For Speed: Shift in '09. A large part of the success was attributed to the fact that EA handed the reigns off to developer Slightly Mad Studios, who found the perfect way to balance the real and unreal characteristics of racing games to appeal to both NFS diehards and newbies alike.

The game featured track-based racing rather than the open-world format found in many of the more recent titles. By leaving a storyline out, the game allowed players to focus on the most important thing: racing. More than ever before, Shift put players firmly in the driver's seat via a realistic first-person cockpit view camera that brought the extreme speed to life.