Year released: 2012
Developer: Criterion Games

Open world racing and interactive connectivity-these are the two main things Need For Speed: Most Wanted was known for. The title allowed players to take to the open road and discover secret gameplay, challenge rivals or friend or just take your favorite cars for a never-ending test spin. The premise of the game: to become #1 on the Most Wanted list, thus becoming the city's most notorious racer.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Most Wanted was perhaps the attention to detail developer Criterion paid to the game's layout. From the light blinding you as you exit a tunnel, to the dirt that gets kicked up by racers ahead of you, the realism factor of the game is off the charts. Another way the game managed to draw players in for "just one more race" was with an impressive list of 40+ vehicles that are placed around the map waiting to be discovered (and driven).