At Las Vegas' CinemaCon—which is basically a movie industry echo chamber attended by Hollywood people and movie theater owners, where they all mingle talk about how fruitful the summer movie season will be—Mark Wahlberg made a pretty crazy declaration: Apparently, according to the actor, Transformers is "probably the most iconic franchise in movie history." 

Yes, the Michael Bay/Hasbro-created, robot film franchise, Transformers.

Then he added this too, speaking about the upcoming sequel he's set to star in, Transformers: Age of Extinction: "For moviegoers all over the world, I guarantee this will take it up a notch. It is bigger and better than the other three (films) combined. This will be the biggest movie of 2014."

OK, well...Transformers movies make a ton of money, even though, plotwise, they're generally bad, bad, movies marketed to teenage boys. Transformers: Age Of Extinction is going to make a killing in the box office, but biggest movie of 2014?

We wish you and your movie the best, Mark Godzilla.

[via Indiewire]