Footage from a cancelled Crash Team Racing reboot in Activision has found its way to Youtube, more than a year after rumored screenshots of the game first leaked online. The untitled CTR game looks about how you might expect, with lots of cartoony power ups and a host of Mario Kart-style characters, though what could have been potentially fun for kart racer fans was that the game apparently had a focus on animal vehicles that may have dynamically changed a typical race. That said, it could have also just been another kart racer.

What's more interesting is that the footage says it's from 2010, so there's more evidence to Activision attempting to bring Crash back during the last console generation, where he never got a proper outing. In addition to the weird rumor about Crash being bought back by Sony and Activision closing down its web portal, it raises the question of what they were doing with the property.

At any rate, it's no Krazy Racers, but this footage is probably all we'll ever know about this particular game. At least it wasn't a Cronenberg tie-in.

[Via Youtube