Unethical Hacks, the helpful group that aims to give clever hacks to get us through an unethical world, is clearly made up of major Family Guy fans: According to a new Craigslist ad posted by the group, they're looking to hire someone to follow troubled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford around city hall while playing the tuba...just like that one scene from Family Guy.

The ad from Craigslist:

You must be willing to adhere to the following:
- wear a gopro camera (provided) to document the ensuing antics
- wear a shirt with @UnethicalHacks (provided) printed on the back for the entire day

Price for 8 hours:

You must be able to provide your own tuba. A trombone would also be acceptable.

So, y'know, if you're in Toronto, you can make $125 just by following around a politician and playing a brass instrument for a day. Easy money! Just try not to get tazed?

[via Uproxx]