You open up your fridge, eagerly anticipating dinner, only to find a bag of lettuce and last week’s takeout, or worse—empty shelves. Your stomach growls. Your heart sinks. Dreams of a delicious dinner go out the window. But wait, there is still hope! Even with the most meager of fridge fixings, you can create a delicious, gourmet meal. Only have a bag of old carrots? Sexy steam-roasted carrots are in your future. Left with nothing but plain yogurt? The best pasta you’ll ever taste is just minutes away. So, open the fridge again, reevaluate, and let these recipes lift your empty-fridge spirits. (Of course these recipes presume you have more than a jar of expired salsa and left-over General Tso's Chicken chilling in your refrigerator. If that's all you have, well, you probably need a different list.)

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