Just days after the rumor first appeared that Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed The Last Of Us might be coming to PS4 as an enhanced port later this year, a listing for a "Complete Edition" has popped up online at the Spanish retailer XtraLife. As of this writing the listing is still up on the website, with a price tag of €64.95, or around $90 USD (remember, this is an import). The game is supposedly slated for a June 19 release. 

Following an off-the-cuff comment from Sony Eurasia exec Sercan Sulun in an interview this week with CNN Turk, Sony tersely denied that any such PS4 edition – which allegedly includes a nice graphical boost as well as the game's prequel DLC Left Behind – exists. But given the nature of these sorts of rumors (not to mention the timing) it seems increasingly unlikely that such a retail listing would be based totally on unfounded information. 

Hopefully the rumor is true; The Last Of Us is a technical showcase for the PS3, since Naughty Dog decided to rework their engine to focus on some truly spectacular lighting effects to work in conjunction with the game's overall moody atmosphere. In any case, we'll likely find out for sure whether TLOU will be getting a next gen port soon.

[Via Joystiq