Titanfall dropped today for the Xbox One and Windows PC, if you're reading this chances are you have neither of those or you would have called into work like any sane person and be binging on Arc Cannon and XO-16 kill streaks.

But fear not Xbox 360 owners, a Titanfall just for you is in the pipe for later this month, March 25. The fact that a Xbox 360 version of the game is coming out has been completely left out of the hype during Titanfall's launch. After all, the new title is Microsoft's “killer app” for the Xbox One and it wants to move some units. However the silence about the last-gen version may actually be a good thing.

Xbox Chief Marketing officer Yusuf Mehdi spoke with Polygon during the SXSW launch of Titanfall about the port. "I think we struck the right balance — it was Respawn, really, and the developer who struck the balance — which is, it will play great on Xbox 360."

"At the same time, on Xbox One you can get some of those extra features that set it apart,” Mehdi added, “and there will be people who want to do that, and there will be enough encouragement to go — but it will be a great experience on Xbox 360."

Now for some wild speculation so please take this will a grain of salt. With every cross-generation launch so far a very big deal as been made about the huge differences between generations. Why has there been absolute silence about the differences between Titanfall on the Xbox One and Xbox 360? One could speculate that there really aren’t that many. Given the mechanic and graphical quality of the game the Xbox 360 seems like an idea system for the robot parkour shooter. While judgment must be reserved for the final product it'll be interesting to see what – if any – real differences exists between the two versions.

What you think? Are you holding out for the Xbox 360 Titanfall or have you gone all in on the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle?


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