St. Patrick's Day is always fun, but the morning after, head pounding and body aching, is decidedly not. There must be a cure, right? Some people would tell you to eat something greasy and fried. Others would just pour you another drink. But if you’re trying to be functional, neither of those are the way to go. We did some research and found out the most effective foods at reducing hangover symptoms. We scoured the Internet and came up with a list of the best things you could eat when hungover: eggs, ginger, tomatoes, miso, asparagus, soup, bananas, soup, and oatmeal. For pseudo-scientific reasons that we won’t get into, these are all the best things you could do for yourself on the morning after a long night. So, crawl out of bed, get your sunglasses and Advil, and put on your apron.

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