Kimchi Ramen

Where: Chuko Ramen
: Prospect Heights
Address: 552 Vanderbilt Ave.
Ingredients: Pork and chicken broth, miso kochujang, saam jang, kelp soy butter, soft egg, scallion, cabbage kimchi, spicy ground pork, curly yellow noodles
Cost: $13

Chuko's creative rendition of ramen isn't your standard bowl by any measure. And, that's exactly the point. The brainchild of two Morimoto alums, Chuko seems to have an intuitive understanding of what makes for a satisfying bowl of ramen, but dares to take it a step further with unexpected details. Their Kimichi ramen is an excellent example of that, taking a savory pork and chicken broth with springy noodles and adding kimchi for a tanginess that's unusually satisfying. With bowls being served 'til on Friday an Saturday in a nabe that was formerly ramenless, Chuko feels like an answered prayer.