Platform: PC, PS2, Xbox
Release date: September 21, 2004

With the shuttering of LucasArts and Disney acquiring Lucasfilm, StarWars 1313 will probably never see the light of day. EA, in a move that should have us all moving with caution, has been tasked with releasing Battlefront III. It's kind of a shit show in terms of new Star Wars games, but the first Battlefront is, to this day, still fucking amazing.

Playing as a common soldier for either the Rebels or the Empire, gamers got to see a very different side of the Star Wars Universe. Sure, Battlefront II started incorporating playable Sith and Jedi that made flipping around with lightsabers a huge part of combat, but the first title with its grunt on the front-lines perspective is still, a decade later, a hugely enjoyable experience.

EA and DICE own the IP and if Battlefield 4 is any indication, we may not see Battlefield III any time soon.