Seen in: Honeymoon

Being part of SXSW's Midnighters lineup, Honeymoon, writer-director Leigh Janiak's debut feature, has been perceived as a horror movie, which it is, kind of. Really though, it's a psychologically disturbing and nuanced piece of surprising science fiction. A newlywed couple heads to a backwoods cottage for their honeymoon; the wife disappears one night, turns up naked in the woods, and gradually turns into something else. Without giving away everything about the movie, let's just say the culprits responsible for her brief disappearance aren't exactly earthbound.

We never see what they did to her, either, but the film's most mind-scarring scene hints at something darkly sexual. Paul (Harry Treadaway) can't handle Bea's (Rose Leslie) changing demeanor anymore; he snaps, frantically trying to bring her back to normality, partially through trying to arouse her. His hand goes down south and comes out covered in some kind of web-like gook. And then it goes back in and comes out holding what looks like the world's biggest slug. And then the hideous thing moves.

Too late for an annulment?