Today, online branding is more important and more accessible than ever. In 2014, the Internet and its vast array of tools are available to billions of people around the world, allowing for unprecedented connectivity and exposure. If you have a good idea or a strong voice, the Internet can give you a platform to find an audience. Success is no longer as limited as it once was. However, the knowledge of how to use these tools is crucial to your success, as well as strategies on how to implement them. 

Speaking at SXSW Interactive 2014 were two individuals who have know all the tricks of this trade: Nate Silver and Bill Simmons. Each a success story in his own regard, both Silver and Simmons are two of the new millenium's most visible personal brands. With Grantland, Simmons has blended pop culture, sports, and long-form journalism in a way rarely seen before. Likewise, Silver's FiveThirtyEight project has taken statistical analysis to an entirely new level. 

During their panel, both Simmons and Silver outlined their own stories to success, and explained the vast nuances of branding in the Internet age. Taking notes from their speech, we've assembled 10 Ways To Establish a Successful Personal Brand on the Internet. Looking for a way to get your own personal project off the ground? These tips are the help you need to get to the next step.