HD remakes have become an essential, if somewhat annoying, part of the video game landscape. Initially, they seemed useless to us. After all, why would you want to buy a game that you had already played before and probably still owned when the only difference between the old version and the new was some slightly sharper graphics? However, as time has gone on, HD reboots have actually proved themselves to be much more useful than that. More than anything, HD titles can help gamers resurrect lost favorites that they've since discarded or sold, and as the gap gets wider and wider between the fifth and sixth generations of consoles and those of today, a graphic makeover actually becomes noticeable. 

With a reboot of Square Enix's classic Playstation 2 title, Final Fantasy X, on the way, we started to wonder what other titles are due for a new paint job. What other games are deserving of another chance to shine? Are there games that could find a completely new audience if they were re-released? With those questions in mind, take a look at the 15 Games That Deserve an HD Reboot. Are there any you would add? Any you think should be kept on the shelf? Read through the list and share your thoughts in the comments section. 

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