Given the iterative nature of triple-A budget games (not to mention the integration with the internet) it’s pretty common for big titles to come with day one patches to fix last minute bugs and changes. Sucker Punch has evidently one-upped that common expectation with an out-of-the-box download that adds some additional gameplay content to their latest Infamous game Second Son.

Apart from the typical list of design tweaks, the 300 MB patch also apparently includes the Second Son DLC Cole’s Legacy – which includes four missions that explore the events taking place just after Infamous 2 – as well as the first mission of Second Son’s “Paper Trail” content, which reportedly adds another “five hours of additional gameplay”.

Stranger is an augmented reality game that apparently ties into a viral site Sucker Punch and 42 Entertainment have collaborated on, directing players to It’s unclear how all this actually works, but here’s the full list of fixes:

Difficulty balance
– Normal difficulty has been slightly increased to challenge the player’s mastery of their powers
– Expert difficulty has been fine-tuned to ensure it it the best experience for skilled gamers
– Karma progression extended to support longer playtime

Boss fights
– Boss fights have been re-tuned for difficulty and fun
– More dynamic boss behaviors and attacks

Pedestrians and DUPs
– Engine performance tweaks to allow for more life and activity in the city
– Increased pedestrian and traffic density and variety
– Increased pedestrian-related karmic opportunities
– Post-story enemy activity and DUP raids

Technical improvements
– Graphics and performance improvements
– Fixes for a small number of infrequent blocking bugs
– PSN integration to support Paper Trail DLC

[Via Gamespot]