A man was arrested in Seattle for attacking another who refused to give him a bite of his burrito, police say. 

The Smoking Gun reports that 24-year-old Mahamed Abdi was arrested last Saturday after he attacked a man outside of a Mexican restaurant. Watching as the man devoured a burrito, Abdi demanded that the man give him a bite. When the man refused, Abdi pressed the matter, pushing the man, who got up from his seat. That's when Seattle police say Abdi punched the man and fled. 

Police caught him just as he was boarding a bus. Abdi continuing fighting, even when he was in custody, reportedly screaming obscenities at police, spitting on the divider in the back of a police vehicle and spitting at cops inside of the precinct. All because of a burrito.

Regardless of how delectably irresistible a burrito looks, you're diving over the line by telling a stranger to give you a bite, let alone asking for one.

[via The Smoking Gun]